I Suspect My Groundwater or Property May Be Contaminated

I Suspect My Groundwater or Property May Be Contaminated

The Clean Water Act is the federal Act that is responsible for the quality of water and any matter relating to pollution.

If you think that your groundwater may be contaminated, it is important that you report the matter to your local Environmental Government agency. It is also a good idea to contact the Environmental Protection Agency and inform them of the problem.

If you have been using the water for drinking, you should contact your doctor for a check up and further advice, as you may have been affected by the contamination.

Seeking legal advice is also a good idea, as this can prepare you in the event that the contaminated water has caused any harm and you wish to seek compensation.

Contaminated groundwater can quickly become a big problem that affects a large area, particularly if the contaminant is a regular source.

This means that it can affect the drinking water, as the pollutant will be carried along with the groundwater to wells and reservoirs that are for drinking water purposes.

Because it is difficult to identify when groundwater is contaminates, it can be difficult to rectify the problem. Treatments for groundwater contamination entail either destroying the contaminants in the water, or bringing them to the surface in order to remove them.

Drinking contaminated water can pose a variety of risks. If the water is polluted with chemical such as solvents, pesticides and other chemicals, the health effects can include damage to the liver, kidneys, and reproductive system.

Cancer is also a risk in these circumstances. Those that already have a weak immune system are particularly susceptible to the effects of contaminated drinking water.

If you suspect that the groundwater may be contaminated and that your drinking water may be affected, it is vital that you stop drinking that water and seek assistance immediately.

Let the relevant agencies know so that other people can also be protected from the potential dangers. Until the problem has been resolved, stick to distilled and bottled water.

If you feel that your property has been affected by contamination in any way, make sure you contact the environmental agency closest to you.

They will need to carry out investigations and work towards rectifying the problem. You may also be entitled to seek damages depending upon the source of contamination, which is where legal assistance will come in useful. And, whether or not you are feeling unwell, always get yourself checked over by the doctor to be on the safe side.