Is It Hard Take Out Mold in Crawl Space?

Is It Hard Take Out Mold in Crawl Space?

Building a crawl space instead of a basement is such a bright idea to save money – it is beyond doubt, less expensive. The main advantage of having this is to add another space when it comes to storing the unused household appliances and allow the chilly air to circulate during winter. Still, it turns to be devastating without proper ventilation.

The house foundation is arguably the darkest place giving more opportunity for a tiny organism like mold to thrive. In fact, mold in crawl space can be ruinous and even have a high risk to human’s health. Discarding the fungus varying in color and shape in the crawl space requires greater effort and seems time-consuming. Keep off your concern; it’s not that hard.

Can Mold in Crawl Space Make You Sick?

Mold in any forms including the one in your crawl space can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, most out of homeowners remain ignorant seeing this horrifying matter. Although the fungus is often overlooked by people owing to the tiny size, its spores, as well as toxins daily produced, necessitate close attention.

Why you need to care of the mold’s presence is simply because of the harmful impact on everybody’s health. Getting too much mold exposure and not to mention undergoing poisoning surely cause a vast range of serious illnesses. The severe diseases you might be affected include the aggravating lung problem, terrible fatigue, and wheezing.

The stack effect is created when summer comes. Once the tepid air merged with the mold spore escalates, the whole spaces at your house are prone to be contaminated. The keynote of this is you don’t need to be in the crawl space to experience the exposure. The particles are easily carried in the air and diffused around the house.

How to Get Rid of Mold in Crawl Space

Although removing mold in crawl space takes some time, it doesn’t mean that the action requires complicated approaches. Here are a handful of helpful steps in settling the mold problem:

  1. Prepare the set of cleaning gear including scrapers, dehumidifier, mold removal chemicals, and plastic barriers. For the safety reason, wearing the protective clothes is truly recommended.
  2. Examine and identify the affected area in your dampish crawl space. Making an inspection is such a handy way to maximize the initial cleaning. Be sure to use the full-body protective covering while getting in the place.
  3. When you are about to clear out the mold, be sure to mind the air circulation. The well-ventilated environment lessens the probability of mold spore inhalation. Consequently, set up some fans around the area and utilize the flood lights for enlightenment.
  4. Scrub the moldy, earthy surface with the scrapers then spray with the mold removal chemicals. In general, they come with two options – the liquid spray and foam spray. Yet once again, safety comes first. Please read the safety instructions and follow them carefully.
  5. If the chemicals prove futile in taking the stubborn fungus off, you could apply a surface blaster – it sounds a bit exaggerating yet overly helpful. In this case, the mold invasion is shockingly on the severe stage.

Mold in Crawl Space Removal Cost

The cost mold removal in crawl space is somehow tricky – it can be pretty penny or bargain-counter. According to, the average expense of fungus remediation indeed varies from 500 USD to 5,000 USD. The price depends on what kind of ways to get rid of crawl space mold and types of molds as well.

Removing the mold with the modern surface blaster sounds lavish. Wait, are you planning to cut the spending? Yes, just benefit your own creativity. Having the solid cleaning supplies that cost than 50 USD is absolutely fantastic. With the right cleaning scheme, you are able to take a couple of advantages including saving more money.

How to Prevent Mold in Crawl Space

After taking off the crawl space mold, it’s time to think about the preventive measure so that the future outbreaks can be avoided. The key anticipation is no other than installing the dehumidifiers. These tools are pretty effective to reduce the level of humidity in the crawl space. The dry surroundings will obstruct the mold to develop.

In addition to setting up dehumidifiers, make sure to install sufficient ventilation. It lets the air circulation runs great and staves off the condensation, the source of high dampness. As the sunlight is impossible to get in, you can add some illumination by locating a couple of LED lamps. And for the maintenance, check the room regularly.

Some homeowners might take some consideration concerning the crawl space mold removal. But, thinking too long will deteriorate the room’s condition. Hence, take action immediately so that mold in crawl space no longer has a chance to exist.