Don’t Want Any Mold Under Your Sink? Do These Steps

Don’t Want Any Mold Under Your Sink? Do These Steps

Let’s just face it: there are spots in the bathroom and kitchen that we often miss. We tend to clean up what we can see right away. Like every other room in the house, you have to clean them all – thoroughly. You need to watch out for any mold under the sink.

How do we identify mod under the sink?

Identify Mold Under The Sink

Although this is rather gross, you still need to do this. The last thing you ever want would be to fall sick from it.

So, before you start cleaning up, you need to identify the mold under the sink first. There are types of mold in that area that you can find, like:

  • Botrytis

If you live in a tropical area, your bathroom might have this type of mold. The poor ventilation causes the high amount of humidity to seep into the bathroom. This can cause you to have some serious allergic reactions or asthma.

  • Ulocladium

Not just under the sink, this type of mold can also be found behind it, which is normally a wet wall. Since ulocladium requires a lot of water to grow, it is no surprise that you can also find it in your bathroom under the sink.

  • Stachybotys chartarum:

This is the most famous of all mold. It is black and most often found under the sink in the kitchen and the bathroom. It is also slimy-looking, which you might probably feel sick even at the sight of it.

How bad is Stachybotys chartarum? We are about to find out soon.

Is The Black Mold Under The Sink Dangerous?

How dangerous is the “black mold” mentioned above?

Stachybotrys chartarum is not only found under the sink of the bathroom rarely cleaned. Even if you clean your bathroom and kitchen as regularly as someone with an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) does, this can still appear. It only gets even worse if you leave it uncleaned for too long.

This type of black mold consists of mycotoxins. This is why this “black mold” is considered dangerous, although perhaps not deadly. If you have contact with this mold, chances are you might have allergic reactions, breathing problems, and chronic sinus infections. Other issues related to this are asthma, fatigue, and depression.

So, how do we get rid of the mold under the sink?

How To Get Rid of Mold Under The Sink

To get rid of any mold under the sink, here are some steps that you should do:

  1. Identify the cause

How does it get there? It could be a poor ventilation, a leaking in the pipe, or some serious cases of humidity. In tropical areas, when the temperature rises, the mold grows even larger. Add it up with either the leaking pipes, then it gets worse.

  1. Dry the affected area properly

So the mold (yes, especially the nasty black kind) has grown under your sink in the bathroom. The second step to get rid of them is to dry the affected area properly. Don’t forget to remove anything stored in the cabinet before you start drying. If there are things that can’t be dried within two days, get rid of them.

  1. Scrub it off

With detergent and water, scrub the affected area thoroughly. After that, leave it alone until it dries completely.

  1. Clean everything in the bathroom thoroughly

Okay, so that spot under the sink is the number one priority to be cleaned up. However, this does not mean that you can neglect the rest of the bathroom. Why not clean the whole bathroom intead while you are still at it? That way, you can also get rid of any mold that grows anywhere else besides under the sink.

Getting rid of the mold under the sink is one thing, but making sure it will not come again is another story. How do we do that?

How To Prevent Mold Under The Sink

Regularly cleaning your bathroom (and kitchen too, since it also has a sink to wash dishes) is one of the answers. There are other ways to prevent the return of the mold under the sink, though.

  1. Check the humidity level in your bathroom (and kitchen too)

If it is below 60%, then you are safe. Chances are, the mold will not come back as often as it does if the humidity is above that amount.

  1. Do a regular checkup to spot any leakings

The moment you notice a leaking pipe or a sign of excessive moisture, then it is time to clean the bathroom up right away. The sooner you do so, the faster it is to prevent having any mold under the sink.

It is true that cleaning up a bathroom or a kitchen can be a boring task. However, if you are concerned about your health and well-being, make time for this. That way, you will not see any mold under the sink or anywhere else at home.