It’s Time to Remove the Stubborn Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

It’s Time to Remove the Stubborn Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

Possessing a bathroom with up-to-the-minute interior design could be a dream come true. However, the key factor in regard to the room’s durability is no other than the maintenance.

Any possible threats might take place. One of them is the black mold in bathroom ceiling. Without the proper handling, its existence would be something serious. As a result, your bathroom interior is less impressive.

What are the Black Spots on My Bathroom Ceiling? Are They Mold?

Have you ever carefully sighted dark spots on your bathroom ceiling? While taking a close look, you must find these little guys disrupting your shower room’s interior. Don’t you acknowledge that as a matter of fact, the creatures are sort of black mold? The alive microscopic organisms own inky appearance coating the horizontal surface out of the blue.

Not only does the black mold occupy the ceiling but also it easily adapts to the porous surroundings such as drywall, rug, fabrics as well as the wooden furniture. The wet-bulb temperature creates high humidity and not to mention the shadowy condition plainly support the ideas of murky fungus growth. It might develop rapidly due to sufficient food source.

In comparison to other molds, the black mold requires slower development. Once the wet surroundings, as well as the great nutrient, support the life of fungus, the growth remains going on faster. The mold colonization usually needs 1 to 2 days.

What Causes Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

How the black mold appears in bathroom ceiling can’t be apart from the role of humid environment, and the same is true with the abundance of water supply. The shape precisely provides the ideal ground for dingy fungus to develop. In the top of that, the growth comes to pass faster when the nourishment on the surroundings is on hand.

For the anticipation during the rainy season, you need to make sure that your bathroom ceiling does not go through the leakage. Most homeowners claim that it is the primary reason of the black mold emergence. Once the water comes out and gives rise to the soggy surface, the black mold in bathroom ceiling conveniently disperses.

Aside from the water supply creating the fungus infestation in the ceiling, the steam evaporation is another cause you can’t look down. For anyone of you installing the hot water shower, the chance of being affected by the black mold is pretty high. To avoid this, you are encouraged to apply well ventilation system creating good steam circulation.

How to Get Rid of Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

Removing the black mold in bathroom ceiling could be time-consuming and arduous. Yet, these subsequent steps are easy to follow:

  1. Identify the black mold signs. It’s such a significant step for doing this early way. The mold colors ranging from black to brown enable you to locate the fungus. Besides, be sure to check out other indicators such as discoloration, moist smell, and cracked paint.
  2. Take out and clear away the mold as soon as possible after discovering the trouble maker. Getting rid of it quickly truly prevents the diseases as well as permanent damage to the bathroom. For the maximum result, examining the ceiling material helps you in achieving it.
  3. For the safety reason, use a footstall with rubber feet while reaching the mold. In addition to applying the right stepladder, placing the tool in the safe position is highly recommended.
  4. Take the paint scrapper to discard the paint and the flakes. It’s handy to clean up the molds and their roots.
  5. Spray the whole affected ceiling surface with the cleaning solution. To create this, you can combine the 2 cups of hot water with two tablespoons of borax and a little vinegar. Other substances like bleach and hydrogen peroxide are great to pick.
  6. Rub the surface back and forth with the scouring sponge as well as rinsing out with the clean cloth. Then, open the window to dry the ceiling.

How to Prevent Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

There are a couple of ways to prevent the black mold growth on your bathroom ceiling. Check these following steps out:

  1. Spray the bathroom ceiling and wall regularly with the combination of water and hydrogen peroxide. If you find them dirty, scrub with the brush and clean up with water.
  2. If you have a shower curtain, make sure to wash it with hot water and distilled white vinegar. Once it’s dry and ready to use, spread the curtain fully so that the moisture can evaporate easily.
  3. While taking a hot shower, let your bathroom window open all the times. This helps the water vapor release and brings the level of humidity down.
  4. If you have no window, install the dehumidifier in your bathroom.

The black mold in bathroom ceiling might affect your health and ruin the room’s interior design. Hence, recognizing the mold, getting rid of it quickly, and preventing its growth are indeed best things to do.