Toxic Mold Claims

Toxic Mold Claims

Mold is a substance that is naturally occurring and so it always present in the environment. However, toxic molds are those containing some for of toxic substance that can cause harm to humans as well as animals.

These toxic molds have become more predominant over the past couple of decades due to new methods used in order to create more airtight buildings and homes to conserve energy.

This has increased the susceptibility of buildings to toxic mold, which can have a variety if harmful effects.

Some forms of toxic mold include Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Penicillium, Fusarium, Acremonium, Alternaria, and Chaetomium.

If toxic mold is found, it is advisable to get it removed as soon as possible, as its harmful effects can take their toll on everyone, from children to animals.

The number of private and commercial toxic mold claims is on the increase, and are often compared to asbestos-related claims in terms of their success.

This has become a big issue, and successful claims so far have churned out figures in the multi-millions. As the number of incidents and damages rises, more and more lawyers have started to specialise in environmental lawsuits such as these.

Damages from a toxic mold claim could include repair costs, damages for loss of use of property or items, relocation expenses, depreciation of property value damages, loss of earning, medical costs, and damages for mental and physical effects.

Lawyers will look at claiming compensation from parties such as insurers, property owners, rental managers and landlords, manufacturers of construction materials, suppliers and distributors of materials, and any professional bodies that did not take suitable action to resolve the toxic mold problem.

If you or your family has been affected by toxic mold, it is important that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible. With statutes of limitations in operation in many states, you may be limited in terms of the amount of time you have to take action.

Your lawyer will also need to carry out proper research to put together a watertight case, which will also take time. By taking early action, you could successfully claim compensation for any ill-health effects and contamination caused by toxic mold in your home.

There is a range of toxic molds that can cause harm, and the symptoms of exposure to toxic molds can include: respiratory problems, headaches, rash, memory loss, lung disease, immune system abnormalities, and even brain damage.

This is why it is vital that any signs of toxic mold are professionally removed upon identification.