The Ultimate Guide to Fix MacBook Water Damage

The Ultimate Guide to Fix MacBook Water Damage

Electronics and water will never get along together. That would also be the case if you accidentally spill some water on your MacBook.

Typically, the Apple’s warranty would not cover for MacBook water damage. In fact, MacBook has an internal indicator to determine the water damage.

However, the Apple service center would replace the damaged part with a price. The cost will depend on the part and the damage level.

Sometimes, MacBook water damage can happen not only because you spill some water or liquid on it. It can also happen because of humidity.

MacBook has a small exhaust fan that draws air in to keep the MacBook from overheating. While drawing air in, the fan could also draw the water in humid weather.

When the water from the air is piled up, it could damage the components. It often happens to MacBook that has been in use for two to four years.

Once exposed to water, certain problems can happen to MacBook. The trackpad might not work properly, or some of the keyboards cannot be used. The worse thing that can happen is that the MacBook stops working and you can lose all your data.

Finding the MacBook Water Damage Indicator

The indicator in all MacBook is called as a Liquid Submersion Indicator or the LSI. The LSI looks less like a light, yet more like sticker patches. It turns red if the MacBook has been in contact with water or simply any sort of liquid.

Recent Apple products like MacBook, iPhone, and iPod has these patches around the device to indicate water damage.

As with MacBook, the LSI patches are placed around the keyboard and RAM. If one of these patches turns red, it indicates that your MacBook has been spilled with water or liquid.

It would also be the sign for Apple that they would not cover the damage by warranty. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the repair by yourself.

Another bad news is that these patches cannot be replaced. So, if you are selling your repaired MacBook, the buyer would see that the MacBook had been once damaged by water.

easy tips to fix macbook water damage

Imagine the scene: you are working on your MacBook with a glass of beverage to accompany you. Suddenly you accidentally spill the drink to your MacBook. What would you do?

The first thing that you need to remember is to turn it off as quick as possible. Don’t let the water gets inside the MacBook for too long especially when it is not only “water”. Mineral water, tea, and coffee could be easier to remove than wine or milk.

Beverages with higher acidity would give a higher chance of corrosion to your MacBook. So, you wouldn’t want the beverage to slip in and create more problems inside.

How to Fix MacBook with Water Damage

Furthermore, if the water gets inside the MacBook while it’s still on, there’s a bigger chance of short circuit to happen. After that, you can follow these steps below:

  1. Remove the bottom cover of your MacBook
  2. Check if there’s any water on the parts such as the battery. If the battery is wet, remove the battery and wipe it off with a soft cloth.
  3. Disassemble the hard drive and motherboard, and then wipe it dry from any sign of water.
  4. However, the keyboard and trackpad are sealed together. If you have a problem taking it out, clean it with a soft cloth or consider replacing it with new ones.
  5. On the motherboard, you need to see if there is any sign of water damage. You should see a visible corrosion or discoloration on it.
  6. Wipe the sign of water damage by using a soft cloth. Be careful not to brush the motherboard as it may give you further problems.
  7. Last, you can reassemble your MacBook. Remember that you need to let it sit for a while before turning it on to make sure it has dried completely.

You will also need to make sure that you have examined all parts of the MacBook. If you leave a spot behind, it can cause more problems in the future.

However, if you have not deal with disassembling any kind of electronic before, you better think twice before doing it.

You have to be careful because opening up a MacBook can be very tricky. If you are in doubt, it is recommended that you bring the MacBook to a repair shop.

Does Apple Cover Water-Damaged MacBook?

As mentioned before, Apple’s warranty policy does not cover for water-damaged MacBook. The LSI on MacBook would determine whether the problem is caused by water or not.

Though they would gladly repair the MacBook for you, the cost can be very high. Sometimes, handing over the work to another unofficial repair shop can save you a big fortune.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of an official Apple repair can be as high as $1,240 because it classified as “Tier 4 Repair” which handles most of the problems caused by water.

Otherwise, if you are taking the MacBook to an unofficial repair shop, the cost can be much cheaper. Averagely, it costs $250 to $350 to repair a water-damaged MacBook.

In order to get the best service shop, you are recommended to see the review and read other customer’s testimonials. Or, you can also ask someone who had been in the same problem before.

Preventing the Problem is Important!

As you have known how complex a MacBook water damage can be, now you need to know how to prevent the problem from happening. First, you need to get rid the habit of drinking while working on your MacBook.

Be more responsible for not putting and liquid near the MacBook. Also, avoid putting a bottle of water inside your MacBook bag. The MacBook can catch the humidity and corrosion through this habit.

Next, you may buy a keyboard protector to avoid water from spreading inside. Water gets in easily through trackpad and keyboard, so a keyboard protector seems like a logical thing to do.

Last, though MacBook would need regular cleaning, avoid using water or alcohol. It can cause further corrosion inside the components.