About The Black Mold in Your Dishwasher: Is It Safe?

About The Black Mold in Your Dishwasher: Is It Safe?

Besides the bathroom sink, the dishwasher in the kitchen also has the potential of being infested by fungus or black mold. It is actually the same case, the humidity and the leaking water are the perfect combinations for any mold growth. This is why you should not be surprised if you see black mold in your dishwasher in the kitchen.

Why Do I Have Black Mold In My Dishwasher?

As a homeowner, it is quite a surprise if you still ask that question. Why? It is already obvious. Not only the humidity in the room (especially if your house is in the tropical area), the water leaking from the pipes or the tap is also the obvious cause. Why do you have black mold in your dishwasher? You also make it worse by not cleaning up more regularly.

It is true that your dishwasher can still clean itself once you finish using it to wash your dishes. The problem is there are different types of mold. Some grow either in food stuck in crevices, the rubber parts, the gasket, and the drain seal. With the moist and the humid temperature, then it is no surprise that black mold grows and persistently stays in your dishwasher.

Is It Safe To Wash Dishes with The Existence of Black Mold In The Dishwasher?

Whether it is your own house or an apartment that you rent, you would like to have everything clean. (Well, unless you often go out a lot and do not put much thought into the idea.)

Regarding the black mold in your dishwasher, perhaps you have asked your friends or anyone with more knowledge on what to do. Some may take it for granted by saying, “Oh, it is just a small patch of mold. It is still safe, as long as you use your dishwasher more regularly. It will clean itself.”

However, it is better to stay safe than sorry. In 2012, there was a meningitis outbreak caused by the existence of fungi in steroid shots. It was published in Medical Mycology. Along with another research published in Fungal Biology in 2011, more and more people have become aware and concerned that this is not a small thing.

Perhaps you are one of the people with stronger, much better immune system. However, that is not the case. Instead of wondering whether it is safe to wash dishes with black mold in the dishwasher, why don’t you clean the dishwasher more regularly instead?

How To Get Rid of Black Mold in Dishwasher?

Now you know the danger of letting black mold (or any mold, for that matter) stay too long in your dishwasher. The next step would be to find out how to get rid of it.

When it comes to controlling the growth of any fungi or mold in your dishwasher, you need to do three things, which are: disinfecting, cleaning, and ventilating. To be more precise, here are the steps:

  1. Find the mold habitat

Still based on Medical Mycology, about 62% dishwashers from six continents harbour some mold or fungus. Some of them are harmful. Before you start cleaning up sporadically, the first thing to do is to find the mold habitat first. The rubber door gaskets are their most favourite spot, but that does not mean they cannot spread elsewhere in your dishwasher.

Once you find the mold habitat, then you can go to the next step.

  1. Consider the right cleaning product and start cleaning

In some cases, bleaching products do not really get rid of the fungus or the mold from the dishwasher. Get a ¾ cup of bleach mixed with water for that. Besides using this, baking soda and vinegar also help.

To start cleaning, put the racks elsewhere. Wash them with warm soapy water. With the soapy sponge too, wipe down all the interior. Then leave them dry really well.

Prepare white vinegar for half a cup and hot water for two cups. Put them in a spray bottle before cleaning seal and crevices. Scrub off down to the most persistent mold until it no longer exists. It is indeed hard work.

Place the racks back, so the dishwasher will not be hollow. Put a tiny glass of vinegar where the top rack is. Set it hot before you activate the washer. With a cup of baking soda, sprinkle the dishwasher floor. For the second time, keep the machine activated and running while you use a cleaner to finish it. Last steps include using hot water to clean all surfaces by hand.

How To Prevent Black Mold In Your Dishwasher

To prevent having any black mold in your dishwasher again, make sure that you check these two things:

  • The humidity level in your kitchen.
  • Any possible leakings.

As long as the humidity is not more than 60%, you are still safe. Once there is a leaking in the pipe, you can start cleaning up right away. Never let black mold return in your dishwasher.